It may or may not please many of you to know that you and I are very much alike. We can’t go a day without getting that cardio or workout going first thing in the AM. Jump outta bed after the first ring of your alarm goes off. 

Okay. Just me?

Well anyway. Welcome to my website! This is where I’m going to share my life story, adventures, and everything in between the chapters. I hope you can relate and connect through my journeys. Please tag along for all my newest moments!

Looking back, I never imagined this is where life was going to take me. I still remember nervously walking into my first casting, unsure of my future and what it would all entail. 

Fast-forward to today and here we are! I am a proud survivor, achiever, and now navigating through my very first blog post, reminiscing about the past and anxious to share the future. 

Please share your advice and stories along the way. I hope to inspire and learn from YOU through this new journey! This is a project in progress. A learning experience. A way to connect with you.